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High-quality rubber products for pig abattoirs

The process of de-hairing carcasses is an important step within the process of slaughtering pigs. FoBan delivers a range of extremely durable products to pig abattoirs, as well as retailers, machine manufacturers and trading companies.

Consistent quality and extremely durable

For the Midas Restrainer, FoBan produces special support blocks. These blocks are very durable and ensure years of problem-free operation.

FoBan's de-hairing paddles or "scraper blocks" ensure that carcasses are perfectly de-haired and that they move through the machines properly, benefiting production capacity.

FoBan's rubber whips are used in polishing machines where carcasses are scrubbed clean. Our rubber whips are very durable and are available with strong plastic sleeves (Ø10 and Ø12 mm).

FoBan products distinguish themselves with their consistent quality and long lifespan. If you would like to try one or more products, or receive a sample, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Acquisition of Fongisco BV

Previously, these products were produced by Fongisco BV. FoBan acquired the rights to sell these products in 2006 and today, the "Fongisco™" name can still be found on some of them.

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They continue to be produced according to the original specifications and in order to be able to always offer the same rock-solid quality, FoBan consistently tests the material and product properties.

These products are also supplied internationally to machine manufacturers and retailers, and if needed, they can be provided with the client's name/logo.

Scraper block / dehairing paddle

Rubber de-hairing paddles from FoBan BV

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Types of de-hairing paddles

All of FoBan's de-hairing paddles feature hardened, galvanized steel scrapers. Choosing the type of paddle that's right for you depends on the type of machine and the weight of the carcasses. We offer the following:


o    classic de-hairing paddle

o    steel sleeves inner Ø 13 mm

o    thickness of the back of the block 35 mm

o    fixing holes centre-to-centre 60

          "Boss"-F235 BN

o    steel sleeves inner Ø 13 mm

o    thickness of the back of the block 35 mm

o    fixing holes centre-to-centre 64


o    thicker and heavier than the "classic" paddles

o    fixing holes drilled for you in the right centre-to-centre size

o    also available as extra rigid for applications in which the paddle is loaded with heavier-than-normal sows

o    available with sleeves inner Ø13, 15 and 17 mm

          FF-40 "Extra Strong"

o    This is the extra rigid version of the FF-40 paddle.

o    Thanks to the additional reinforcement on the inside, this paddle is excellently suited to de-hairing heavy sows, or for clients who prefer more rigid paddles.

Other types (JWE, Abele and Baumann)

FoBan also supplies de-hairing paddles for smaller machines, such as JWE, Abele and Baumann.

closed cell rubber

Rubber whips for polishing machines

Rubber whips play and important role in the de-hairing process. The polishing machine, which follows the de-hairing machine, ensures that carcasses are completely clean, so that they can be further processed.

FoBan's rubber whips

o    strong and durable

o    supplied with durable plastic sleeves with an inner diameter of 10 or 12 mm

o    white TPE plastic whips for dry polishing machines are also available

Support blocks for the Midas stunning machine

FoBan's restrainer support blocks have been specially developed for use with the Midas Restrainer,

a stunning machine that is used in many pig abattoirs to maximise the level of animal-friendliness in the slaughter process.

Thanks to their stability and durability, these support blocks have an extremely long lifespan.