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Experience the resilience FoBan
can offer your industry
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Experience the resilience FoBan
can offer your industry

Rubber products by FoBan in Arnhem for every industry

Industry depends on reliable equipment and rubber products play essential roles within many production processes.FoBan BV is an international supplier of a vast selection of rubber products, including, but not limited to, moulded rubber, rubber profiles, closed cell rubber sheets and profiles, cellular rubber, sheet rubber, rubber-metal adhesives, mill and roll lining.

If you are interested in ordering a custom rubber product, please don't hesitate to contact FoBan BV.

FoBan rubber products for abattoirs and the food industry

FoBan is built upon extensive experience in the rubber industry. Since 2006, FoBan has been serving the industry by supplying high-quality rubber products. Our primary sales markets are abattoirs, the dairy industry and the foodstuffs industry, but retailers, machine manufacturers and trading companies are also part of our international client base. 

FoBan BV supplies its clients from its own stocks as much as possible and in consultation, we are also willing to maintain a supply of client-specific products.

For abattoirs

From FoBan, pig abattoirs purchase de-hairing paddles, rubber whips, Midas Restrainer support blocks and more. Previously, these high-quality products were supplied by Fongisco BV, but today, these essential items are supplied by FoBan.

For the foodstuffs industry

The foodstuffs industry also makes frequent use of rubber products in its varied production processes. These key products include coupling rings, manhole gaskets, spacing rings, suction cups, dampers, etc. With food safety as a factor, these products often contain FDA-approved rubber compounds.

spacing rings

Specific, custom rubber products for any industry

Every production process has unique requirements. Every rubber product requires the right qualities. When combined with the perfect design, the right rubber compound is the key to success. 

FoBan BV never walks away from a challenge and can always deliver the products.

Whether you need moulded rubber, extrusion products, sheeting, die-cutting, etc.,

FoBan will provide you with an obligation-free quotation for any custom-made product. There are many types of rubber available, such as NR, SBR, EPDM, NBR, FKM (viton) and silicone.

We also supply cellular rubber and closed cell rubber.